Mo Yeon finds Shi Jin brooding by the spoils looking at the existing image of him and Argus due to the fact comrades-in-possession

Shi Jin pulls out a less heavy and you will burns off the picture

Nursing assistant Ha and you can Dr. They are aware this woman is been through much and assuring this lady one he could be truth be told there on her.

New troops is actually from the shirtless morning run hence time it wave right back on admiring female. Dr. Song gets therefore jealous the guy pulls Nurse Ha aside and you may operates off to summon Dae Young back again to concern their diminished propriety from inside the exercising shirtless. Dae More youthful just chuckles and gives your a comforting tap.

Mo Yeon and you can Shi Jin stumble on one another additional in which he requires in the injury while you are she hears your litttle lady are safe and becoming out of the way. Mo Yeon phone calls out Shi Jin getting perhaps not informing the lady new details, he told you the children from the community were safer but really it was in fact locked-up in the house of the Argus. Shi Jin apologizes to own lying and you can did so to not care the lady.

Mo Yeon requires just what more he could be lied on therefore she actually is maybe not concerned? Shi Jin ponders their lies on their gunshot injury and in other cases and you can states he could be never ever lied so you’re able to the girl about anything more. Mo Yeon calls your a liar in order to his face as their lies are very big but she decided not to use it just like the a great reason to break up sorts of lay. And he lays because there is possibility behind people lays and you may points that can’t be generated personal, that he glosses more than because of the joking all day. While it keep commonly it 1 day have absolutely nothing to help you say to each other remaining?

Tune is likely to Mo Yeon’s shoulder round injury but she loses it and you can starts crying

Mo Yeon whines just like the she shows you their go out back into Seoul, bringing frustrated and you will disappointed from the somebody over terrifically boring one thing. Whenever this woman is which have him she really wants to explore unimportant something you to occurred so you’re able to the lady and Shi Jin informs the woman that he would like to discover things. Mo Yeon understands that he would like to listen but she are unable to offer herself to generally share the things so you can a person who lifetime towards precipice off life and death. Mo Yeon rests right after which explains you to definitely she is contemplating if or not Shi Jin was a person you to definitely she can manage, we.e. are able to be which have. Mo Yeon treks away leaving Shi Jin brooding more than such as for instance good heavier and you may appropriate question.

Shi Jin goes to send-off Argus’s coffin as the getting shipped regarding. The us unique forces thank you Shi Jin to possess providing your hundreds of new records to enter, but it is something they are pleased with since it is worth the price for lifetime stored. They look to your Argus’s coffin and you can mourn one who’s got zero nation to go back to for the demise. The latest commander offers Shi Jin goodbye that have a keen admonition to remain alive regardless of the.

Mo Yeon fits into the left scientific personnel because they able for their go back to Seoul. Everyone’s feeling a while sad and you will unwilling to hop out.

Mo Yeon leads the group and make that last bullet in the medical business while the very first stop are Myung Joo’s bedside. Mo Yeon is actually satisfied on speed out of the lady recuperation and that Myung Joo attributes to are therefore younger. Myung Joo concludes Mo Yeon since she is making to be the girl doc, checking on the new neck gunshot wound and you may reminding their adjust the bandages and you will hold off several a lot more weeks so you’re able to shower. Someone smiles in the females eventually bringing collectively.