The whole system is kept alive by those who value Power over Love

Worse yet, they and the bankers create the recessions

This trait is self destructive and has a finite shelf life. The elite bloodlines and their affiliates intend to keep things just as they are in fear they will lose their power and ultimate control over humanity which they crave for!

What they DO NOT fully contemplate is the real POWER which holds this universe together and the force of the HUMAN SPIRIT.

Wow! Another Awesome video! I saved a copy of it, as well as the transcript, in case they take it off the internet. It’s too much truth in one place, and I think it may be handled by “The Adjustment Bureau”.

Yes, traders don’t care about the economy; their goal is to make money from the moves whichever way the ;s a good chance to make money from a big move.

The good news is, like Alessio Rastani said in the video of the news cast, you don’t have to be one of the elite, anyone can make money from these market crashes and recessions.

We all lose ourselves sometimes in the mire of things for we are all journeying through spiritual growing. One has to open NJ payday loans doors and close others to put the jigsaw pieces of this whole mystery of life together to grasp the whole picture!

People chase false dreams and grasp at dangling carrots of opportunity without knowing the fundamental necessities of life to be sustainable. It is a crying shame when people sell their souls out in ignorance of this truth.

Found another good video link here on how the corrupt banking system is playing GOD with humanity for personal gain.

Yes, Bill Cooper was a champion that uncovered and exposed much truth. I haven’t read his book “Behold a Pale Horse” but I listened to a shortened audio version. He gave his live for the cause and his tragic death provides additional reason for many to press on in the freedom/exposure movement.

You’re right, many people, upon waking up to all this, can’t handle too much truth and so they sell themselves out to stay in their comfort zone.

Others take in all the bad news and let the negativity overtake them. Then they look for more bad news, they find it, and spread the negativity wherever they go. They inadvertently are helping the police state agenda, since it feeds on fear. I know, I was once stuck in this mode.

Many of these people accept bribes and privileges to remain silent and to cash in their pay checks and early retirement handouts

But we need to remember what Samuel Adams said: “It does not take a majority to prevail . but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” It is only a small fraction of one percent of the population that now rules the world. Less than one percent can take it back.

We also have the fact that positive energy is far stronger than negative energy, and that most people have more love in their hearts than hatred.

You are correct to suggest people are waking up from their programming, however, it is a droplet in the water in comparison and it is sometimes necessary to stir the tides of the ocean for the tape is running out.

People often shoot the messenger before reading the message and Bill turned from easing people out of mind control with a subtle way to slapping them in the face with facts, evidence and revelations which ultimately cost him his life.

Many people who get it, understand the truth and who can read the script of the corruptness within the world refuse to let go of their comfort zone and carry on playing the game despite knowing they are participating in the madness. Yet Bill Cooper was an exception, he too could have remained silent, cashed in his early retirement and sat back in hope that he may not live around long enough to face the wrath of what he knew would potentially will happen. NO, he fought for his children’s future and for every good patriot and for what he believed was his right to defend the American people of their freedom and to resist tyranny!