At Blair’s wedding ceremony to Louis, Serena says to Dan that she never ever ceased loving your and she’ll always love him

After investing the evening with Nate, Juliet departs very early in order «never to end up being late to lessons.» Nate is actually upset, aspiring to have invested longer together. Via telephone, Dan assures your it’s probably the truth.As Nate comes to an end his phone call with Dan, getting in range to check out their dad in jail, the guy places a sheepish Juliet.

Jenny profits to ny, only to face a furious Blair, willing to do just about anything to create «tiny J» set town again. On her strategy to class, Serena spots the girl cuddle-buddy through the nights before while entering the building. Irked, Serena try further tossed off by revelation that he’s the lady mindset of companies teacher, an undeniable fact that makes the lady focused on this lady thinking for your.

Because the period progresses they shortly turns out to be evident Serena perform anything to stick to Colin but at some point, after defying the woman mom, Blair as well as her pals and after realising Juliet is actually Colin’s cousin, Serena and Colin separation once and for all.

Serena leads to a scenario in which she has to choose from Nate and Dan. Nate nevertheless cares on her behalf but is defer whenever Juliet pretends are Serena and kisses both Nate and Dan. Nate explains this try common Serena actions and therefore he could be not attending let her move him in ever again. Dan disagrees. In rehab, Serena admits to Dan that she had chose him, which he got the only one she came to hug.

Whenever Dan later on confronts Serena, both of them realize they’ve just one single more possiblity to end up being together. These have already been along 3 x and have to be yes the 4th time try forever before getting together once again.

Within the coming event «Petty pinkish» a not thrilled Serena confronts Dan and Blair about their connection, which could place their friendships at risk

They eventually gets apparent Juliet wasn’t working for by herself however for the lady sibling, Ben. Ben ended up being added jail by Lily but he thought it had been caused by Serena. They’d chose to bring Serena down, but he wasn’t o.k. about his former crush being drugged. It proved that Ben had been convicted of an innapropriate relationship with students as, at that time, Serena was actually his English college student.

In «stress Roommate» Serena and Ben about put both permanently when Dan, Eric and Damien put Ben up for a trip. But Dan is actually sorry for what the guy did and ensures Ben doesn’t go back to jail, alternatively he and Serena hug once more eventually. The very last scene of Serena into the episode try of her and Ben along again eventually after Dan retreats through the loft in which Ben is actually remaining.

Season 5 [ ]

In season 5, Serena’s grandmother CeCe passed away and leftover their cash to Ivy who was simply acting become this lady cousin Charlie.

She later on learned that their dad got an event along with her aunt Carol leading to Lola to get the lady half-sister. In the midst of this, she found out that Diana ended up being Chuck’s mum, Georgina is news female (2.0), which Dan and Blair enjoyed each other. After Georgina got bored stiff, Serena became news woman (3.0). Serena’s computers is actually afterwards stolen because of the actual Gossip woman. Serena confronts Nate and Lola and tells all of them they put her upwards. Nate and Lola tell Serena it absolutely was all an agenda attain right back at her. Serena informs Blair the woman is news Girl but Blair isn’t angry. Serena and Dan slept together because Dan thought Blair ended up being cheat on him with Chuck. Whenever Dan realises Serena merely made use of your, the guy becomes angry and confronts her. After the growing season we see Serena in the same manner she is when she leftover the top of eastern Side 5 years before. She’s on a bus, operating aside and with a man that gives their drugs and initiate coming in contact with the girl and when the guy says to Serena their name she merely replies «Really don’t proper care what your name is.»