Inverse relationship ranging from bed cycle and myopia


This population-based, cross-sectional study using a nationwide, systemic, stratified, multistage, clustered sampling method included a total of 3625 subjects aged 12–19 years who participated in the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008–2012. All participants underwent ophthalmic examination and a standardized interview including average sleep duration (hr/day), education, physical activity and economic status (annual household income). Refractive error was measured by autorefraction without cycloplegia. Myopia and high myopia were defined as ??0.50 dioptres (D) and ??6.0 D, respectively. Sleep durations were classified into 5 categories: <5, 6, 7, 8 and >9 hr.


The overall prevalence of myopia and high myopia were 77.8% and 9.4%, respectively, and the overall sleep duration was 7.1 hr/day. The refractive error increased by 0.10 D per 1 hr increase in sleep after adjusting for potential confounders including sex, age, height, education level, economic status and physical activity. The adjusted odds ratio (OR) for refractive error was 0.90 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.83–0.97) per 1 hr increase in sleep. The adjusted OR for myopia was decreased in those with >9 hr of sleep (OR, 0.59; 95% CI, 0.38–0.93; p for trend = 0.006) than in those with <5 hr of sleep. However, high myopia was not associated with sleep duration.


This study gets the society-established, epidemiologic proof to have an inverse matchmaking anywhere between sleep cycle and you can myopia inside the a real estate agent inhabitants away from Korean teens.


Myopia is one of the most prominent ocular ailment connected with graphic disturbance all over the world (Morgan et al. 2012 ). The brand new frequency regarding myopia was growing on a crisis rate, particularly in Eastern China and South-East Asia, plus more sluggish inside The united states, Europe, Israel and you will Australian continent (Morgan & Flower 2013 ). The expenses linked to graphic disability on account of myopia become modification from refractive mistake thru glasses, lenses and you will refractive operations. Concurrently, the new comorbidities and you may pathological consequences of the large myopia can result within the significant loss of sight plus loss of sight (Morgan ainsi que al. 2012 ). Discover then social will set you back when it comes to death of returns associated with myopia. Therefore, there was an evergrowing dependence on ways to steer clear of the onset and advancement of myopia.

Chance facts having myopia have been extensively examined inside the previous epidemiologic training (Bowl ainsi que al. 2012 ). Close performs, training, many years, financial standing and you will top was basically apparently reported to be relevant that have myopia (Zhang ainsi que al. 2011 ; ). Recently, an elevated number of outside day try demonstrated to features a beneficial defensive effect against myopia growth in one another get across-sectional studies (Rose et al. 2008a , b ) and you will longitudinal training (Jones mais aussi al. 2007 ; Jones-Jordan mais aussi al. 2011 ; Guggenheim et al. 2012 ). A few input research has advertised reductions in the myopia of the growing go out outdoors (Wu mais aussi al. 2013 ), and you can good around three-seasons school-oriented input likewise has reported results (Guggenheim et al. 2012 ). It had been postulated that enhanced sunrays power external develops dopamine release regarding the retina, and that decreases attention development, and therefore hypothesis has been shown in the several laboratory studies to your fresh myopia pet (Gao mais aussi al. 2005 ; McCarthy et al. 2007 ; Brick et al. 2007 ; Feldkaemper & Schaeffel 2013 ).

You will find previously stated brand new high frequency from myopia and you will higher myopia in young populations inside the urban (Seoul, 96.5% and you may 21.6%, respectively) and you will outlying (Jeju, 83.3% and 6.8%, respectively) section within the South Korea ( ). Also, we have reported the fresh new rapid secular alterations in this new incidence of myopia in a realtor Korean population (Kim mais aussi al. 2013a ). These types of changes are probably on the intense data demands towards the Korean people, due to the fact Korean youngsters are among the highest writers and singers from the around the world PISA studies regarding school show (Morgan & Rose 2013 ). Particularly in the adolescent years, Korean adolescents have also stated to own insomnia, particularly in the fresh old-age of high school (Yang mais aussi al. 2005 ; Rhie mais aussi al. 2011 ). I for this reason hypothesized one to sleep disorder ined it theory playing with member population-created research from the Korean NHANES knowledge.